Circle Moon is a slow fashion, sustainability focused, hand crafted clothing and accessories line. Founded in 2018 in the Southern Utah desert by Meg Bessa.  Meg's love of textiles, nature, handicraft, beauty, women and fashion are what inspired her to create Circle Moon.

"I want the pieces to feel a bit old fashioned maybe something you would not think of in todays age, yet it does connect to today's world and lifestyles. Mixing the old with the new. Tuning into time, slow vs. fast. My items are created for on the go, but also for slowing down. I dye and make my items my with imperfections and based on craft and hand done techniques, to make you slow down and really enjoy each piece while offering a uniqueness to remind of the hand touch that it is made by a human in a slow sustainable way. I have little interest in perfectionism and a high interest in quality, connection and the heart i.e. energy, emotions, feelings, valuing other humans and the earth. I like to create contrast to the fast world of mass perfected, fast fashion." 

I have decided to put strong focus on the processes behind my pieces.  Currently I begin by sourcing natural or sustainable based textiles, emphasize working with plants and the colors/dyes you can abstract. I love this focus right now, and to connect myself and others to the earth in this new/old way. All of my designs are created in my small town of Southern Utah from start to finish by women artisans. I really wanted to stay true to made local and I wanted to find and support others with skills in the textile/fashion arena in my local environment. Creating more connection to my local environment is a value I have and stick to strongly. Have also been teaming up with a local butterfly farm that we give back to and grow dye and other plants with.

Through this intentional process, I aim to create special, timeless, pieces that are meant to be cherished. My hope is that each piece enhances the wearer's own unique light, beauty, awe and wonder.  Every purchase is a contribution to the land, animals and employment of women and artisans in small towns across Southern Utah. I am tremendously grateful for your visit to The Circle Moon shop.